UCSI ORGANIC CULTURE RESTAURANT & RETAIL OUTLET AMAZING! | Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. UCSI Group announced the establishment of the UCSI Organic Culture today.


A speciality restaurant and retail shop that offers organic cuisine as part of the Group’s initiative to establish improved nutrition and healthy lifestyle.

It utilises crops produced from the UCSI Organic Farm, a sustainable edible garden farming project in Cheras under UCSI Group. It uses a ‘Pot to Pot’ concept whereby consumers may take freshly grown crops from the garden farm into the kitchen for immediate consumption.

“Eating should be natural. Organic food discourages the use of pesticides and antibiotics to grow crops and livestock to help to bolster natural resistance by retaining the valuable vitamins and minerals”

-said UCSI Organic Culture Director of Operations Jason Wong


60% of teenagers do not consume enough fruits, more than 90% did not consume enough vegetables and 70% skipped breakfast.

The health risks posed by poor dietary habits could lead to future complications such as obesity, heart diseases and medical-induced financial difficulties.

He also explained that the establishment of the idea to promote health awareness among students and members of the community that are often exposed to unhealthy fast-food culture.


It provides easy and affordable access to organic food for a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, organic foods offer other environmentally friendly health and financial benefits.

Consumers develop a stronger immune system by consuming chemically-free food to reduce the need for the expensive medical bills. Organic farming encourage biodiversity and water conservation through sustainable practices.

In addition. UCSI Organic Culture Restaurant and Retail outlets will serve as a neighbourhood venue to conduct live performances and social activities for visiting patrons.

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