vivo Malaysia Offers Free Phone Sanitising Service Amid Covid-19

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vivo Malaysia Offers Free Phone Sanitising Service Amid Covid-19| Despite Malaysia has just entered the recovery phase of MCO, Malaysians cannot afford to be complacent as the country could still experience another surge in Covid-19 cases. While government is still enforcing on the practice of social distancing and restrictions of social gathering.

In light of that, vivo Malaysia, leading global technology company who constantly care for the communities, is now offering a free phone sanitising service to all vivo users at its concept stores nationwide.

As part of a precaution to curb the spread of Covid-19, vivo Malaysia urges public to clean all high frequency contact surfaces on a daily basis. With studies stated Covid-19 is still able to survive on certain surfaces for up to (and maybe even longer than) nine days – and that includes our beloved phone.

The good news is that this circumstance can be avoided by disinfecting your electronic device, which has officially become easier with just a few steps.

most importantly, continue to wash your hands when you interact with others or touch any surfaces such as your phone. Disinfect your personal spaces and office space, too. Practicing good hygiene is one of the best defenses against most illnesses like Covid-19.

Earlier this year, vivo Malaysia showed its utmost sympathy and care to those infected by the virus outbreak and committed to improving the well being of the society, by contributing face masks and hand sanitizers for Malaysians to ensure health and safety.

For more information, please visit vivo Facebook page or official website

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