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Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST), Are You The One?

Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST), Check out as 9 university have completed the 1st module. To all my colleague or university reader, I believe you have heard on the Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) program , This program is not just ordinary program which enable you to win prizes up to RM 50,000 cash. Yes I am RIGHT.. !!! Let me share on the background of  Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) program

Information on  Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills and Talents (VEST) program

A competition within colleges which more than 1,000 undergraduates from 20 educational institutes around Malaysia. It’s brought to our attention that more than 200 business ideas will be gathered from this program

. It will be 6 months competition, where contestants have to come out with various techniques including sales, marketing, branding, effective communication, franchise opportunity and money management in order for the undergraduates to get ready to start their own business as an entrepreneur. Sounds cool & interesting ? But how the program works?

How the VEST program works?

It will be a 6 months intensive class and coaching. Yes they will still continue their study according to the syllabus. There will be few stages which consists of 20 business training, 2 Business Pitching, Self introduction to the business experts, focus on business discussion and last but not least the VEST Carnival which is a two days event that will be happening in conjunction with the Gala VEST. At GALA VEST is where the winner will be announce to the winning team


VEST Program

Congratulations to the 9 university which have completed the VEST 1 Module .
  • University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Management & Science University (MSU)
  • University of Islam Malaysia
  • University of  Malaya
  • University Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Multimedia University
  • University Utara Malaysia

All the  9 univesity have completed the stage 1 for program since the registration date 28 April 2017. Here are sharing for those who miss it

Now the participants are in the Pitching course. Participants need to present their techniques including sales, marketing, branding to the judges in order for them to proceed in the next level

Even it’s fasting the month the training and pitching still continue. Second stage has also ended which we can see that those participants really have fun and enthusiasm

It’s going to be a continuous 6 months activities till the GALA VEST . I urge everyone to support this participants by subscribing the YouTube Channel as per below.

Facebook VEST:

Instagram VEST:

YouTube VEST:


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