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The Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop Making Unique Recipes |Generations of Malaysians have trusted Ribena® since the beloved blackcurrant drink was introduced to Malaysians 63 year ago! Since then, mothers have chosen Ribena® to deliver blackcurrant goodness to their children, in the distinctively berrylicious taste of Ribena®, made from a special blend of New Zealand blackcurrants that provides all the Vitamin C needed in a single day, in just one glass.

“The Ribena® brand is close to the hearts of many Malaysians, and most of us have fond memories associated with Ribena®, especially of our mothers giving us the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena®. Nevertheless, even with a beloved brand like Ribena® that has stood the test of time, there is always something new we can do to resonate with the mothers of today in a fresh way,”

“Through this workshop, we wanted to offer Ribena® Berrylicious fans versatile new ways to enjoy its distinct taste and blackcurrant goodness rich in Vitamin C. This workshop showcases unique new recipes that are more than desserts and drinks. With fun recipes like the Ribena® Berrylicious spinach salad, perhaps we can even get kids to eat more vegetables. Preparing food and drinks is also a wholesome family activity that can bring all ages together, just as love for this time-honoured drink has united Malaysians for generations,”

-Ms Corrine Tan, Senior Brand Manager, Suntory Beverage & Food Malaysia Sdn Bhd (SBFM)

In one of SBFM’s activities to engage with Malaysian mums and Ribena® fans, SBFM organised a special Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop today, to celebrate and demonstrate the versatility of Ribena®, led by celebrity mum Dr Jezamine Lim Iskander as the guest host. During the workshop, guests had the opportunity to learn and try their hands at making unique Ribena®-infused recipes, from a traditional Vietnamese roll given a Ribena® twist, to a spinach salad made more fun with Ribena® and cheese tarts with jelly given the Ribena® touch. It wasn’t just
the recipes given a creative spin with Ribena®, as workshop participants also had the opportunity to unleash their creativity in the Decorate Your Cheese Tarts Mini Contest, with the winner taking home a limited edition Ribena® mini fridge.

Dr Jezamine also shared her love for Ribena® Berrylicious with the workshop participants.

“I was one of those children who enjoyed the blackcurrant goodness of Ribena® during my growing-up years. It’s so convenient to be able to get your daily dose of goodness in such a delicious drink! Today, Ribena® comes in many variants, even a less sweet option, so I can choose the most suitable treat for my family. Nevertheless, although the taste of Ribena® is really special on its own, it’s also eye-opening for me to learn just how versatile Ribena® is,”

“As a mum of three, I’m spreading my love of Ribena® to my children, so I hope my kids will join me in expanding our horizons with Ribena®. Preparing food with my children is one way I’m nurturing and bonding with them through fun and mentally-enriching activities, besides creating great childhood memories. I’m looking forward to trying the yummy and wholesome recipes demonstrated today with my little ones. I think they will certainly enjoy expressing themselves while decorating the Ribena® cheese tarts with jelly. I hope all Ribena® Berrylicious fans will also have as much fun in the kitchen with Ribena®,”

-Dr Jezamine.

The Ribena® Berrylicious Workshop, held at Handcrafted Creative Bites Studio in Setia City Mall here, was guided by the studio’s food director Wong May Chew, who also created the recipes demonstrated during the workshop. The session was broadcast live on Ribena® Malaysia’s Facebook page, and is still available for viewing. Stay updated on Ribena® Malaysia’s activities and announcements on Facebook at


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