SUBWAY INTRODUCE CURRY SEKALI, BEST! | Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. To celebrate  Malaysia’s 65th National Day, Subway Malaysia is bringing Malaysians together.


Celebrating the nations’ collective love of curry with its brand new Curry Sub. This is the world’s largest quick-service restaurant chain.

Unveiling the world’s first localised sandwich wrapper with a  Malaysian themed Sub Wrapper celebrating Malaysian heritage. Recently launched and will be available until 31st September 2022.


Made with Malaysians in mind, the Curry Sub draws inspiration from a dish beloved by people of all backgrounds in Malaysia.

Subway’s interpretation of the curry, includes a  fragrant aroma and a sauce that is both sweet and savoury on your taste buds. Reminiscent of the classic curry flavours that is beloved by Malaysians.

The Curry Sub launches from August 3rd and will be available in both chicken and beef.

Also as a wrap or salad so guests can enjoy Subway’s ‘better for you options’ tailored to their taste buds. 


Subway Malaysia has also introduced a limited-time Malaysian culture inspired Sub wrapper. Marking the first time Subway has created a bespoke Sub wrapper globally.

Available from 1st August until 30th September. The Malaysian themed wrapper is adorned with iconic Malaysian imagery of Hibiscuses, iconic landmarks and Sabweh spreading his patriotic cheer.

Designed by Ernest Ng, the creator of the Sabweh mascot, the patriotic wrapper will resonate with Malaysians everywhere.

“Subway is proud to celebrate Malaysian culture and heritage. We’re always looking for ways to connect with our local guests and this year.

Our latest initiatives promise to to invoke a sense of nostalgia and give Malaysians a Sub that will make them feel right at home in our restaurants,

-Country Director, Subway, South East Asia, Hong Kong & Macau, Samad Mohd Shariff,


Subway Malaysia is also celebrating Malaysia’s homegrown talent while connecting with Malaysians with their special Mural Artbox.

That will make its way across different locations in Kuala Lumpur from 3rd August to 4th September.


Featuring a painting of the Curry Sub by local graphic and mural artist, SillyJellie, also known as Ellie.

Malaysians can take a trip down memory lane with some throwback childhood games, put their knowledge of curry spices to the test and redeem exclusive Subway merchandise. 

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