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SoCrwd, Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind application is a unique avatar based virtual world. With fully customizable characters and endless possibilities in an environment built to mimic life in the real world. As its name implies, SoCrwd allows the gathering of a social crowd on a virtual platform. Created specially for public events to take place in a more creative manner, especially during these uncertain times.


The virtual world has been around for a while . Brands have yet to tap into the gamification and marketing aspects of it in Malaysia. SoCrwd is a virtual platform that gamifies the experience for consumers through the addition of avatars, points, interactables and sociables. All of which are set in a creative environment built to facilitate. Such as a fun, engaging experience and a seamless transition from the offline world to the online world.


The social features of the application allows consumers to connect with other users while conducting daily activities. Such as meeting with friends, attending their favorite event, virtually visiting a branded concept store and more.

This new application will be available for download at no cost to the consumer. Additionally, there are no in-app purchases involved to join and participate in the public spaces of the virtual world.


SoCrwd is now available to both Android and iOS users in Malaysia. Whereby users can login and complete daily missions. Such as for coins, customise avatars. Host public and private rooms for friends or a larger gathering. Or join public spaces to meet other people and explore new worlds. In the next few months, users will be able to enjoy other features which will be available in phases. SoCrwd will begin exploring neighbouring countries in the near future. 

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