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Nottingheels Orthopaedic Shoe Launched at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall |Orthopaedic Shoe Maker Nottingheels officially launched it’s first Melaka branch at the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall . The branch started operations in January 2018 and has since been visited by hundreds of fashion lovers who are concerned for the comfort and health og their feet and their whole body.

Also present at the event were the finalist of Miss & Mrs Chipao Malaysia 2018 (Organised by Miss Malaysia Kebaya) and Miss Grand Melaka 2018 and guest from Miss & Mrs India Worldwide Malaysia. Nottingheels is the Official Heels Sponsors for these well known beauty pageants and has always been happy to support events with beauty, fashion and art as the central theme.

Dr. Balachandran – the in house podiatrist of Nottingheels presented a short speech and health tips on feed and leg care. Also on how Nottingheels Orthopaedic Shoe help improved the overall Health of the Feet and the Whole Body as well as tips for the prevention of different types of feet health issue. Shared also on the launch 4 types of shoes, Nottingheels Orthopaedic Shoe has registered the patent for the bunion shoes which is a unique design developed by Nottingheels R&D team.

☆  Bunion-support shoes

☆  Arch-support shoes

☆  Comfort insole shoes 

☆  Midsole wrap soft cushion shoes 

Benefit of using this shoes are cushions the heels

☆  Diminishes foot pain and muscle sore

☆  Encourage better blood flow of a diabetic person

☆  Realign the feet and preserve arches

☆  Regulate and boost instinctive gait 

☆  Provide better mobility for those with chronic foot pains such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, tendonitis, bunions and hammertoe Since Nottingheels is considered a marriage of beauty and comfort, we believe that with a good deal of awareness of our unique product offering and features, a customer would rather select Nottingheels over other hi gh-end brands which may be nice to look at but are not comfortable on the feet, or over other comfort shoes which may be too basic and bland in terms of design. Most of our customers may approach our shoes as fashionable and luxurious, but will be surprised at the level of comfort our shoes offer them. For more information or product info do refer to

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