Can’t wait to try out dishes as like the theme ‘Merentas Tradisi: Sajian Dulu Dan Kini at Hilton PJ


A Ramadan-themed buffet that pays homage to the rich heritage of the past and the contemporary culinary creations of today. Aligned with the nationwide campaign for Hilton properties across Malaysia, ‘Merentasi Tradisi: Sajian Dulu dan Kini at Hilton PJ

The campaign strives to authentically capture the diverse culinary traditions within the community, fostering inclusivity and celebrating the array of tastes and preferences that define Ramadan.

At the core of the initiative is a commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values, achieved through the responsible sourcing of ingredients and dedicated support for local businesses.


Hilton Petaling Jaya invites guests to savor an exquisite selection that spans the spectrum from time-honored dishes to contemporary creations. Guests can expect to find cherished favorites.

Such as Sup Gear Box Kaki Kambing,

Nasi Dhalca Di Hidang Bersama Kari Telur Bersalut Daging,

Dalca Tulang Rawan, Ayam Rose Dan Sambal Nyiur

Empat Sekawan (Penang Style Tumis Darat Gulai Ikan Talang Masin, Gulai Kawah Daging Tetel Dengan Umbut Pisang,

Western dishes also available

Is this your choice?

Or this one?

Shelled Out Masak Lomak Cili Api dan Kalio Ayam) Nasi Daging Dengan Air Assam Kedah Style,

Bubur Lambuk Pantai Timur Dan Bubur Lambuk Udang

Dessert and fruits are also available too


The Ramadan campaign, running from March 12 to April 9, 2024, offers dine-ins from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Priced at RM208nett for adults and RM118nett for children (ages 6-12).

Enjoy exclusive discounts of up to 25% for online pre-bookings OR pre-payments via booking channel. Take advantage of this special offer on selected dates; March 12 to March 17; and April 6 to April 9, 2024.


For those seeking a more intimate experience, Private Dining Rooms are available from 12 March until 9 April 2024 for the Ramadhan Dinner Buffet (Dine In) from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Priced at RM238nett for adults and RM138nett for children (ages 6-12), the Private Dining Room experience comes with an added Ramadan Breakfasting Basket and Tower Drinks. For larger groups, Private Dining Room Packages are as follows:


14 persons
Promo price RM2,800 (Adult) – Bookings From 13 Feb to 12 Mar 2024
Normal rate RM3,332 (Adult) – Bookings From 13 Mar to 9 Apr 2024
Applicable date: 12 Mar – 9 Apr 2024


10 persons
Promo price RM2,000 (Adult) – Bookings From 13 Feb to 12 Mar 2024
Normal rate RM2,380 (Adult) – Bookings From 13 Mar to 9 Apr 2024
Applicable date: 12 Mar – 9 Apr 2024


Website | Contact 603 7955 9122 |WhatsApp +6016 216 0414


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