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Make Room for Play Campaign With IKEA For A Better Everyday Life | Have you ever think that you will have time to play? Room to play with your loved ones or your friend? Do you ever need a room or you can play it at anywhere? With the digital era nowadays, everyone is on the smartphone. Very rare you will see them talking or communicating and spending time with others to have fun. Sharing with everyone what IKEA have this year. It will be all about play and game which will make you and your loved ones ( family, or friends) enjoy in your activities and can wait for weekend. ( this happen to me..!!)

IKEA celebrates the importance of play in everyday life through its ongoing Make Room for Play campaign. Through this campaign, IKEA hopes to shed light on the importance of play and encourage Malaysians to re-evaluate how and where they play. The initiative is supported by findings from the latest IKEA Play Report, which explores the importance of play to children and adults in modern-day life and how we will play in the future.

“At IKEA, we take play seriously because it is critical for a better everyday life. We want to encourage all Malaysians to play more at home, which is a space for families to connect and have fun together. When people embrace a playful mindset, chores become easier and they can unwind from the stresses of everyday life,” 

“The need to play remains relevant despite the changing modern life. If fact, play may become more important as its benefits to mental, physical and social health becomes more tangible and measured.The insights in the report help in the development of new products and solutions across the home. We are continuously learning, developing and exploring new ways to help people to improve life at home and have fun while doing it via Make Room for Play Campaign,”

-Gerard Jensen, Deputy Retail Manager, IKEA Malaysia.

This round if you drop by to IKEA do check out the latest IKEA Play which highlights several trends that will influence how play is evolving, specifically in the next 10 years. Among these are:

  • Play will become multi-sensory with technological advancements such as virtual reality (VR) and wearable technology enabling an immersive play experience.
  • As life becomes faster and time becomes a rare commodity, play will creep into all aspects of people’s lives. People will look to play in traditionally non-playful spaces such as the workplace.
  • As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, people will rebel by turning to and celebrating nostalgic games from their childhood.

In a recent media workshop Make Room for Play Campaign, IKEA showcased how some of Malaysia’s favorite IKEA products can help turn a home into the best possible playground. From having fun with house chores like setting up the dining table, to transforming the IKEA LACK side table into a game board – IKEA demonstrated how easy it is for anyone to make room for play at home. Activities that we explore during the workshop

Out of Box Station – artistic play which no rules and obligations. Create what you want. I love doing this but need a supervision from the parents if you allow your kids join this

Mirror Me Play – imitation play . use our imagination to turn grown – up tasks into games. look what we made..

Build it Play – constructive play – alike experiment , explore and create something new while playing. Like this table .. It can create another game

See when it’s completed. Love this snake and ladder game that given by IKEA team . Since I brought it back , kids make a rule that we need to play it at least once in a day .. We have fun, laughter and of course ENJOY  

And last table setup for Raya Coming soon or dinner with your loved ones.. this set with infants/baby .. with their toys on the table stitill can make the table set up look cool

Table for two .. with your loved ones

We were shown how to fold rose using the napkin. It’s an awesome 15 minutes workshop

Well, I have share what we did and I even continue this at home. Now more time spending with kids, playing games and even build using lego or other material . A big thanks to IKEA for sharing this with me . Till we meet again.

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