HUAWEI NOVA 11 AND WATCH 4 SERIES OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED| Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. Good news, Huawei launch nova 11 Series along with its flagship smartwatch, WATCH 4 Series



Known for its exceptional camera capabilities and stylish design, the latest nova 11 series offer a more intelligent and user-friendly experience dedicated for younger audiences. Shining even brighter in the nova star universe.


Based on the legacy of the nova brand, the nova 11 Series debuts XD Portrait and the newly upgraded HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography for capturing extraordinary portraits.

The Super Star Orbit Ring design perfectly integrates aesthetics into the lenses.

The ultra-durable Kunlun Glass delivers ultimate reliability, while EMUI 13 powers the nova Game Engine, and along with SuperCharge Turbo, the phone is smoother, smarter, and more secure.

Some of the key features of HUAWEI nova 11 Series include: 

Upgraded HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography captures pictures from close-up and far-away

For the first time, the nova 11 Series incorporates XD Portrait technology, which impeccably enhances and highlights every intricate detail in portraits

The nova 11 Pro leverages the upgraded HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography, with 60 MP Ultra Portrait Dual Camera, 100-degree ultra-wide angle, 1/2.61-inch background, 4K image quality, and excellent resolution and light sensitivity

50 MP Ultra Vision Camera showcases the best-performing rear camera of the nova family

The nova 11 Pro and nova 11 boast a 50 MP Ultra Vision Camera, with a 50 MP RYYB Ultra Vision imaging unit, and 8 MP Ultra-Wide Macro Camera, which are great for capturing stunning photo

Two versions that look stylish and durable

The nova 11 Series comes in two variations: Flawless OLED Curved Display and Flawless OLED Flat-Edge Display. The nova 11 Pro adopts a 6.78-inch ring screen designed with a 66° golden bending angle, giving a comfortable grip.

Its screen has 10x stronger drop resistance capability than the nova 10 Pro, thanks to the customised Kunlun Glass screen

Game changer in communications, gaming, charging, and heat dissipation

The nova 11 Series is equipped with a Huawei-patented ultimate cooling system, which consists of ultra-high thermal conductivity graphene, to improve the heat dissipation capability by 7% compared with the previous generation.

Faster, smoother, safer, smart experience

Equipped with EMUI 13, bringing smarter and more convenient interactions and feature experiences. Users can use the Super Device feature to connect a HUAWEI nova 11 Series phone with a HUAWEI table


Boasts premium futuristic aesthetic design, combined with the most advanced suite of health management features. Alowing users to manage their health in style and be more proactive in taking diligent care of themselves.


HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series is a new line-up of smart wearables including HUAWEI WATCH 4 and HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro.

Both inheriting the technology and innovation of the HUAWEI WATCH Series, but even more focused on health management.

Thanks to Huawei’s one-touch, multi-point health tracking, taking care of one’s health is as easy as a tap on the wrist.

With this smartwatch, users can manage their health in style and be more proactive in taking diligent care of themselves.

All-in-one personal health assistant with comprehensive monitoring and Fitness Experience


HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro features the aerospace-grade titanium case gives the smartwatches a luxurious feel.

While the industry-leading Spherical Sapphire Glass on the watch dial adds a touch of elegance with durability to withstanddaily wear. 

Comes with Black Stainless Steel Case design, with 3D curved glass that brings streamlined aesthetics for a futuristic style. 


Both also come with their own unique straps. The HUAWEI WATCH 4 Pro comes with Dark Brown Leather strap with a handcrafted finish for a contemporary refined look.

Spots a Black Fluoroelastomer strap with a sporty, minimalistic look that is also easy to clean.


Symptoms of early lung function impairment are not usually detected, but the HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series addresses this issue with the new Respiratory Check.


Objective indicators such as respiratory rate, SpO2 range and cough sounds, along with risk information.

Such as smoking or air pollution, assess lung health with the help of a proprietary respiratory spectrum analysis algorithm.

The newly introduced provides easy access to assessment results and tailored advice on the HUAWEI Health App, empowering users to take preventive measures and protect their lungs.


Has advanced sleep monitoring with HUAWEI TruSleep™ 3.0. This technology has been researched, developed, and optimised for four years, and is currently the industry’s leading technology based on infrared light to monitor sleep.

It brings improvements that enables better accuracy in sleep tracking. With improved accuracy in sleep tracking.

Records the quality of your sleep, on top of the existing ability to automatically detect the user’s duration of sleep.

Also present the comprehensive sleep structure of sleep and naps (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM and awake) by analysing multiple physiological parameters based on body movement, heart rate and HRV.

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