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ERL Announces Partnership With Distribusion Effectvive 8 January 2019|Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) continues on its aggressive digital partnership drive by partnering with Distribusion Technologies GmbH (Distribusion).

A Berlin-based leading global distributor for airport transfer and intercity bus rides that enables travel retailers. Such as travel metasearch engines, online travel agents, airlines, global distributors to connect easily with airport transfer and bus operators worldwide.

This partnership marks a huge step for ERL in the expansion of its sales platform. Now with Distribusion onboard, KLIA Ekspres tickets will be available through their international network of partners of more than 30 retail partners.

Also 8000 travel agencies across Europe and 20 airlines in more than 40 countries. This will help make KLIA Ekspres more visible and available to travellers globally.

“We are definitely excited and proud to be partnering with Distribusion, a B2B company that connects retailers with travel agents and websites across Europe, Asian and the Americas.

Through this partnership, we are able to expand our customer base globally and help travellers feel welcomed to the country by providing a comfortable and safe ride in the KLIA Ekspres”.

-Speaking on the partnership, Noormah Mohd Noor, Chief Executive Officer of ERL

 “Following the high demand of our international retail network for fast and convenient airport transportation, we are delighted to partner with KLIA Ekspres.

As an award winning airport transfer, KLIA Ekspres is constantly pushing the boundaries of service and reliability and we could not ask for a better partner than KLIA Ekspres.”

-Founder and CBO Johannes Thunert of Distribusion on the partnership

KLIA Ekspres tickets will be available on Distribusion platform from 8 th January 2019. With this partnership more people could enjoy travelling via ERL. It can be direct to the airport or to Mitsui Shopping Mall.More info at



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