Anyone know the meaning of Eden of Opulence?


A giant bonsai tree located at the Atrium welcomes shoppers to Avenue K Shopping Mall until 25 February 2024.

While shopping for Chinese New Year, shoppers can also enjoy the nature retreat full of greens surrounding the Atrium.

With garden-themed setting “Eden of Opulence’, shoppers can walk around the lush garden, complete with a small…


“We are thrilled with the ‘Eden of Opulence’ campaign this year. Seeing the mall’s interior transform into a lush paradise brings us such joy.

We also hope that the Bonsai concept and Money Plants this year, add to the festive mood and bring a special blend of tradition and modernity to our shoppers.”

-Ms. Rachel Er, Centre Manager of Avenue K Shopping Mall


Visitors can explore various ground activities including lion dance performances symbolising blessings, and a plethora of events.

Like cotton candy giveaway, the captivating Chinese Face Changing Show, the rhythmic 5 Emperor Drums, and appearances by the Fu Lu Shou Mascot and God of Prosperity.


Shoppers spending RM238 are entitled to redeem Ang Pao Packets. While a purchase of RM488 allows for the redemption of an exclusive Avenue K Porcelain Bowl and Ang Pao Packets.

Those who spend RM100 in a single receipt can redeem a Golden Pothos (Money Plant), embodying the theme of growth and wealth.

Enhancing the festive mood, a Chinese New Year wishing tree invites shoppers to adorn it with their heartfelt wishing cards. Three most heartfelt wishes will win a RM200 Leather Avenue Cash Voucher.

The concluding touch to this festive celebration is marked by an extensive range of discounts, vouchers. Complimentary offerings exclusively for AK App Members. Participating brands.

So, what are you waiting for, pay a visit to Avenue K Shopping Mall. Experience their Eden of Opulence, and be surrounded by prosperity this Chinese New Year.



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