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Coca-Cola Unveils 61th Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia Video| Hari Kebangsaan is an important day to Malaysians. In a video that plays tribute to all Malaysians and the state of the nation today, Coca-Cola Malaysia is celebrating Malaysia’s independence with a familiar image that has a patriotic twist to it in the form of a special can emblazoned with the Jalur Gemilang.
Accompanied by a rousing arrangement of the much-loved Sejahtera Malaysia, the video goes beyond the standard image of waving flags yet is able to express the relevance of the Jalur Gemilang in the daily lives of all Malaysians as a celebration of pride, harmony and freedom enjoyed by all citizens.

The video was produced in a joint effort with Ogilvy – the company’s brand experience partner – and brings to life the hope and optimism of everyday Malaysians who want to build a better future for the nation as they share a moment over a Coca-Cola Unveils 61th Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia Video

“Coca-Cola has been with Malaysians for over 80 years, since it was first bottled in what was then Malaya in 1936. Growing with the nation, we know that Malaysians are always optimistic and looking forward to a better future which they hope that they can contribute to. So this year we wanted to refresh that sentiment and add some excitement so that they can express and share the excitement of Hari Kebangsaan with their friends, especially in a manner that so many Malaysians love to do these days, which is by social media,”
-Ahmed Yehia, the Country Manager for Coca-Cola Singapore and Malaysia.
“Sharing is such an endearing part of Malaysian culture, so we wanted to celebrate the sense of national pride and the very special feeling with our fellow Malaysians in a simple video that we can all relate to, where the special Jalur Gemilang can touches everyone and encourages the sharing of national pride.”
“There is a fantastic sense of optimism in Malaysia right now and one of the best ways to enhance that positivity and pride is by paying tribute to the Jalur Gemilang and to all those who call Malaysia home.”
– Lim Kean Yew, the IMC Director for Coca-Cola Singapore and Malaysia
“When collaborating with the Coca-Cola team on this project, it was clear from the outset that we wanted to create an inspiring experience all Malaysians could feel, not simply view. With our one-of-a-kind Jalur Gemilang can design, we brought out the natural spirit of Malaysians through an uplifting rendition of ‘Sejahtera Malaysia’, and filmed it so the positive feelings could be shared across the nation,”
-Commenting on the project, Campbell Cannon, Managing Partner for Ogilvy Malaysia
Malaysians who want to see how Coca-Cola is expressing the feeling of national pride as well as share it in celebration of the nation’s 61st year of independence can watch the video at the Coca-Cola Malaysia Facebook page for the Coca-Cola Unveils 61th Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia Video


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