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“Children’s digestive wellness begins here with Ah Huat Coco, let them become the little guardian of gut!”

Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink New Product From Power Root . A person’s childhood is the most important period for growth and development. In view of this, Ah Huat has come out with Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink; aim to give your child a strong & healthy body to explore the world. Children are always curious about the world around them. They learn new things every day, be it a new skill, a new knowledge or a new experience. However, children will need a healthy and strong body to achieve this. Therefore, Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt is fortified with Prebiotic,which helps in having a healthy gut for effective food digestion and efficient nutrients absorption


Besides, a healthy gut also plays many other significant roles, such as supporting body immune system, encouraging brain and physical development and maintaining good mood.You are what you eat. Most people do not realize but many of us consume highly processed food which is high in sugar and saturated fat, and live in a way that kills friendly bacteria and encourages bad bacteria to grow.

Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink

Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink which is fortified with Prebiotic acts as food for good bacteria and encourages the probiotic in the gut to grow and thrive. Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink also contains DHA and Calcium that enhances your child’s intellectual development while promoting stronger bones. The combination of these three elements will enhance your child’s everyday learning and growth in the long run.

Parents are responsible to lay the best health foundation for their children. Certainly children with a healthy mind and a strong body are more capable to learn and perform in their learning and explorations. To give your child a good start ahead in life, begin now by giving them Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink that will support them in realizing their amazing potential. During its introductory period, Ah Huat Coco has team up with Crayola to offer a special promotion for their customers. Every Twin Pack of Ah Huat Coco now comes with a limited edition Ah Huat Colouring Book and a box of 16 pcs Crayola Non-Toxic Crayon total worth RM 30.

This promotion is only exclusive for Aeon and selected outlets nationwide while stocks last. Ah Huat Coco is the only chocolate malt drink fortified with Prebiotic, DHA & Calcium. It is now available in selected supermarkets nationwide. For more details about Ah Huat Coco

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“Children’s digestive wellness begins here with Ah Huat Coco, let them become the little guardian of gut!”


  1. Wow.. Ade produk baru. Tak pernah jumpa lagi ni. Boleh try nanti.

  2. Alice

    Hi dear Sir / Miss,
    i looking for Ah Huat Coco Chocolate Malt Drink, because i go to so many places of supermarket , they no sale or discontinue this products…..
    Please give advise where can i buy this products.

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