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1st HERSHEY’s Flotilla Bugs In World’s Arrive at KLIA First Time |Malaysia Airports, DR Group and The Hershey Company officially launched the world’s First Hershey’s flotilla buggy, a mobile retail concept at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). This retail experiment is the fruit of an extraordinary tri-partite collaboration that aims to redefine experiential retail for travellers and disrupt the conventional way of doing business in travel retail.

Converted from a conventional buggy, the Hershey’s flotilla buggy is the world’s first mobile promotion by a confectionery brand that is expected to become a unique attraction and excite passengers as well as provide last minute shopping convenience prior to departure.

The idea of a flotilla buggy as mooted in October 2017 at the Tax Free World Association (TFWA) Exhibition and Conference during which the three parties had the opportunity to discuss on ways to enhance experiential customer engagement. It was agreed by the three parties that the Hershey’s flotilla buggy would provide an exhilarating interactive shopping experience.

The Hershey’s flotilla buggy has been styled based on the American automobile theme of sunny California-dreaming convertible Cadillac”. The Hershey’s flotilla buggy, complete with headlights and engine sound, is adorned with messages and artistic images of iconic landmarks of Malaysia to give it a sense of place that will translate into an abundance of unforgettable photo moments for travellers.

“Travellers are becoming more sophisticated and desire more interesting experience when they travel. Malaysia Airport is constantly looking into new ways to curate a convenient unique and memorable shopping experience for customers. The launch of the Hershey’s flotilla buggy is the culmination of a successful partnership between Malaysia Airports, a world-class confectionery brand and an enterprising retailer-the first of its kind in the history of travel retail in Malaysia.”

– Nazli Aziz, Malaysia Airport Senior Manager for Commercial Services 

He added that the organisation believes that the flotilla buggy will strengthen the sense of place concept at KLIA in line with its ongoing initiatives to enhance the total airport experience and provide a joyful Malaysia experience for travellers.

“DR Group is a leading airport retail specialist for confectionery and perfumes and cosmetics category in Malaysia. Since its inception in 1985, DR Group ha been creating its own niche internationally by innovating the travel retails confectionery business landscape. We believe this synergistic collaboration provides the perfect beginning for endless possibilities in retail innovation.”

-Dato’ Dahlan Rashid , DR Group Managing Director

He added that the flotilla could potentially be a game changer in the travel retail industry. So if you around KLIA area do check it out the HERSHEY’s Flotilla Bugs


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