TWS Neo Earphone- New Launch True Wireless By Vivo in Malaysia

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TWS Neo Earphone- New Launch True Wireless By Vivo in Malaysia| Earlier this year, vivo unveiled its latest high-end flagship X50 series along with the vivo TWS Neo earphones. Successfully launched in China which also hinted on the roll-out of the X50 series globally in the second half of 2020.

With that, vivo Malaysia has finally announced to launch the more affordable variant – vivo TWS Neo earphone soon in Malaysia, with the slogan “Seamless Studio Sound”.

Dedicated for all audiophiles, vivo TWS Neo earphone feature an extra-large 14.2mm driver unit, CD-standard HD transmissions as well as 3 stereo sound effects – offering sensational sound quality for an ultimate audio experience.

Apart from that, the earphones are embedded with an 88ms low latency mode and super-stable wireless connection that guarantee a more reliable and smoother performance for the on-the-go gaming and video calling experience.

The light and comfortable vivo TWS Neo earbuds bring an array of powerful features, such as Slide Control, Find My TWS Neo and so on. With wireless earbuds continue to be on the rise due to its convenience, simplicity and ease of use, vivo promises to explore more into the highly competitive wearables segment, hoping to come up with more collection of wireless earbuds in years to come.

For more information or latest updates on the vivo TWS Neo earphones, stay tuned to vivo Facebook page or official website.

Vivo is a leading global technology company committed to creating trendsetting smart mobile products and services. Vivo is devoted to forming a vibrant mobile internet ecosystem, and currently owns and operates an extensive network of research operations.
R&D centers in San Diego, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou and Taipei. These centers focus on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies including 5G, AI, mobile photography and next-generation smartphone design.

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