They’ gone -CST

They’ gone

Is going to be different without u guys…
Especially the 4 of u..
Life, cheer, sadness n happiness will no longer be the same in the office when u’re no longer here..
I wonder HOW..
I wonder WHY..
I wonder WHOM…
I wonder WHAT..
I wonder WHO…
This could happen to all of u..

But friends life still need to go on…
Whatever it is you’ll know that you’ll  the best among the rest.What ever u decide, i’ll try my level best to support u and hope u’re doing beat in your future undertakings..

Do understand that u dun’t ask this but they choose you’lls – which come with a reason. Take positive and all the best yea.. U guys … I will miss u alotzzzzzzz

Please do keep in touch k..


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