Teddy & Friends Day Out

Teddy & Friends Day Out

Jgn trgezut n pelik sbb event nie sebenarnyer mase cuti sekolah bulan may harie tue.Kebetulan tgh buat ‘pic clearin ‘ chk blog rupenyer byk lagie event yg kite join in x update .So, byklaer backdated n3 nanti
Ntrance kat centre court

Goodie bag dr suria klcc,Ade questionaire need to answer

Then dpt lak goodies dr MWW joint sponsor.Kite belilak magazine edisi june kat situe dpt lagi redeem goodies bag

Games yg di offer for the kids

Kakak tgh tlg adik nak memanah. Game booth

Game booth


Both menang tuk questionaire yg bentuk dinosaur yg kite update…
Kena spell correctly nama dinosaur yg dikehendaki jawapan ade ajer kat surroundings




Kakak menang 2nd lucky draw hamper candlylicious

Adik pun menang conso lucky draw

Irfan ngan sand art

Kakak with the emcee of the day
Fluent ckp melayu ok

Adik with the emcee of the day sambilkn mamee
Fluent ckp melayu ok

Photo booth session setiap kids dpt 1 pic.Taken by the team n they fwd via email..3 of us

Pic both of them…Miss the moments…

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