RightsLedger Expands Reach into Asia For Independent Content Creators

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RightsLedger Expands Reach into Asia For Independent Content CreatorsThe explosion of content creation fostered by the growth of social media has helped Facebook, Twitter and YouTube become the ubiquitous forces that they are. And while the entertainment and social media industries are booming around the world, the independent content creators fueling them are left powerless.

Social media users don’t see any of the financial benefits from any of the advertising revenue that they help to generate through their engagement. Stripped of the ability to control their creations once posted, individuals have little recourse in trying to earn money from what is clearly valuable content.  

Cognizant of these challenges and issues, RightsLedger has stepped into the void to empower users to take back control of their work. RightsLedger is building the foundation for a new tokenized digital content economy that empowers independent content creators of all types to take full control of and protect their content: how it’s used, distributed, protected, managed and monetized, as well as showing the world exactly who owns it, all on one platform.

“RightsLedger is a content registration and digital rights marketplace that gives individual creators the ability to do what only professional artists and studios were once able to, which is to license and monetize their work. Users can upload and register their photos and videos to the blockchain to authenticate their ownership, and from there, they can enter the global marketplace to license their work to others through smart contracts that ensure quick delivery and payment,”

“We’ve launched RightsLedger Asia to serve as the international hub of our business, and we are working to create more partnerships as we expand throughout the region. Unlike other blockchain companies only in the vision stage, we have a working platform for use today,

-RightsLedger CEO Ray Young.

As part of its ongoing development, RightsLedger has launched the Content Registry v1.0 application for video content, Licensing Deal Pad v1.0 application for video licensing, Content Fingerprint (Alpha) application for video content, and the Rights Token (RTK) for payment and its rewards-based economy.

The company has also expanded its reach by creating an international subsidiary in Asia — Rights Ledger Asia Ltd (Labuan) – as well as forming a number of international partnerships in its integration effort with content streaming and hosting platforms around the world.

Malaysia Office To Tap Growing Market

RightsLedger Asia’s launch also coincided with the opening of the RightsLedger Malaysia office. Led by local CEO Terance Goh, the company is confident that there are ample opportunities in Malaysia and the region for RightsLedger to tap into.  

“The marketplace for content is now global, and RightsLedger is moving to bring its solutions and global marketplace to more markets where creators can capitalize on the value of their work,”

-CEO Terance Goh

According to a new report published by Transparency Market Research, the global digital rights management market is expected to reach a value of more than USD 9 billion by 2026, due to a significant rise in usage of digital rights management modules. An increasing number of Internet users and rising popularity of social media platforms have also resulted in the creation of a large amount of digital content which independent creators would want to protect.

RightsLedger has also reached an agreement with TRIO OTT, Max Pandora, and VNow TV to license RightsLedger’s technology for use with their respective services. The collaboration will allow TRIO and its strategic partners to distribute digital content globally and offer streaming for RightsLedger’s digital content. The partnerships are part of RightsLedger’s strategy of local market licensing, in concert with the growth of territorial branches.  

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