Juan Valdez® Café Comes to Malaysia Untuk Anda Peminat Kopi

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Juan Valdez® Café Comes to Malaysia Untuk Anda Peminat Kopi |Juan Valdez® Café has opened its first café in South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The store is the first of six in the company’s plans to open in this country.The café is located on Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak , The Intermark, in the exclusive Golden Triangle



. Many turned out to celebrate the opening of the 220m2 store including Procafecol’s President Hernán Méndez, Colombian Ambassador, local dignitaries and even Juan Valdez himself.



“We are very optimistic about our presence in this new region,” said Méndez during the opening of the first Juan Valdez coffee shop in the region. “We have prepared intensely for this new phase, even bringing in Colombian experts to train local staff. We also have very committed partners that will help ensure our success.”


This new store is of the successful Origins flagship format (recently launched last December in Bogotá, the Colombian capital city), which aims at offering a different experience of Colombian regional origins and specialty coffees ways of brewing. It is the first flagship Origins coffee shop out of the country. For the opening of the coffee shop, three Colombian experts at brewing and hospitality from the Juan Valdez® headquarters team and the domestic training team traveled to Malaysia, all this to bring the Colombian premium coffee culture!.

10155956_1488094984746691_297072719_nThe portfolio of products to be offered by the store includes roasted and packed  coffee from different Colombian regions, hot and cold drinks brewed from Colombian premium coffee, a great variety of premium pastries developed by a recognized chef and products for coffee brewing and consumption.


Juan Valdez Arrives in one of the World’s attractive Region

Malaysia’s dynamic economy has caught the attention of the investor community, and Juan Valdez decided it could not miss out on this opportunity. This country’s steady growth —about 4% in the last years— the government’s stated goal to become a high-income country by 2020, plus growth in the coffee category of 6% per year, were powerful reasons that prompted Procafecol to disembark in this country.

Malaysia is an increasingly demanding coffee market, with young consumers featuring a very educated palate and great appreciation of premium-type products, such as those marketed by Juan Valdez® Café. Connoisseurs believe that a coffee brand such as Juan Valdez® Café has huge room for growth throughout the country. So anyone loves coffee may give it a try. KP tried the ice blended coffee, it was superb and tasty. Plan to make another trip here.. 

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