Home Renovation Mistakes That Everyone Should Aware and Avoid

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Home Renovation Mistakes That Everyone Should Aware and Avoid|There are many properties for sale such as penthouse for sale in Singapore, it is no wonder that the property investment market has been hot. More people are jumping into the property investment bandwagon. However, buying a resale HDB flat or a BTO flat can be unaffordable to certain people, especially young working adults who have just started working. Fret not, you can always choose to renovate your current house to beautify it and sell it later. But before you start renovating your house, there are some home renovation mistakes that you should avoid if you plan to resell your property.

1. Trying too hard to make the property looks like how it should
Many homeowners renovate their homes to how they desire it to be, or how they want the house to look like. They follow the trendy home design that they love blindly to create a space that they love. As a result, they forget about renovating the house to look more appealing to potential buyers or potential tenants. Do bear in mind that you are renovating your house to possibly increase the property value for reselling purpose and not for you own stay. In addition, you should not invest a property in an estate where you prefer to live. Invest in an estate where profits and numbers make sense to invest in.

2. Not hiring professional
One of the biggest mistakes that home owner commits is that the owner skimps on the money that should be spent for hiring a professional, such as interior designer. The cost to hire a professional might be expensive but it is definitely worth it. The interior designer will be the one to handle everything about your home renovation from designing your house to buying the necessary items. This will then save you a lot of your time and effort. In addition, hiring a reputable professional will avoid you from spending money unnecessarily on things that do not increase your property value or things that seem distasteful to potential buyers.

3. Focusing on kitchen and bathroom only
Most homeowners focus on renovating the kitchen and bathroom only, forgetting that there are many other things that need renovation as well. For example:
a. You will gain approximately 108% to 116% on your return of investment if you go for attic insulation
b. You will gain approximately 92% on your return of investment if you go for a new garage door
c. You will gain approximately 91% on your return of investment if you go for a steel entry door
That being said, do not focus renovation on only the kitchen and the bathroom. It is equally important to renovate every aspect of the house, especially at places that need renovation the most.

4. Paint combinations with no theme
Getting the right paint combination that suits your house theme is important. We understand that everyone has different preferences on their preferable color scheme. But selecting the right color combination might be tough. You can always visit Pinterest to get some ideas on the paint combination that is suitable for your house.

5. Marble countertops
Marble countertops might look pleasant to the eyes, but it is very easy to get stains and scratches. Many homeowners with marble countertops will tell you that they regret getting a marble countertop due to the high maintenance of it. The stains and scratches that you get is faster than you finish cooking your meal. You could always consider getting a quartz countertop that is more durable and comes with same amount of choices.

6. White carpet
We understand that white is a nice color and it will be a great match for most color scheme. However, getting a white carpet might not be the wisest choice made, as white carpet gets dirty easier as compared to carpets with darker colors. Unless you plan to clean your white carpets everyday or ban people from stepping on it, do not get white carpets for your house as it is really not a wise choice.

7. Buying old furniture that needs reupholster
Buying used and old furniture that needs reupholster is not worth the money. You are actually adding more cost of reupholster to the already expensive used furniture. With the total amount you spent on buying the used furniture and cost of reupholster, you can definitely buy a brand new furniture elsewhere. Furthermore, the old furniture might also be bug ridden. It will be worse to only find out after you have spent on reupholstering the furniture.

That being said, it is recommended to go for new furniture. However, if you really like that particular furniture, you can still go for it. Just make sure you are careful when choosing. Make sure the furniture’s condition is good so that you do not need to spend more on reupholstering.

8. Moving the furniture before the renovation is done
Do not move in your furniture if your renovation is not completed. If the painting work is not done yet, do not move in your furniture. If the flooring is still in progress, do not move in your furniture. If the fixed installations work and carpentry are not done yet, do not move in your furniture. This is because your furniture will be an obstacle and disturb the renovation progress. Your furniture will slow down the progress of renovation and prevent the renovation contractors to finish the renovation efficiently. In addition, would you want to risk having your furniture damaged or dirty
from the renovation? Therefore, do plan ahead on your furniture deliveries in order to prevent getting your new furniture damaged.

In conclusion, do plan ahead before you start your home renovation work. Avoid getting a swimming pool or water feature as it can be a bad idea due to high maintenance cost. Therefore, do your research ahead on what is needed before you do any renovations to your house.

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