McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!


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McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge! It all began in the United States in 1967 with the lyrics “two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame bun”… The iconic chant has touched many lives in Malaysia and has taken McDonald’s lovers by storm with many going great lengths to perfect the chant in exchange for a free Big Mac. This year, McDonald’s Malaysia added a nice twist to the iconic chant by giving it a Malaysian flavor. The Big Mac Chant Challenge returned bigger than ever, with a star-studded ensemble featuring artists such as Elizabeth Tan, Siti Nordiana, Fuying & Sam and KeQing joining the challenge. The featured artists created their own rendition of the Big Mac Chant suiting their music genre.McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

More than1,000 participants entered the competition, which doubled up from last year’s campaign. The challenge ran though from 13-31 October 2016 and 16 finalists were shortlisted for the grand finals today.

McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

At the grand finale, all finalists were treated to a once in a lifetime opportunity in a special meet and greet session with Elizabeth Tan, Siti Nordiana, FuYing & Sam and KeQing. It was a grand affair for the finalists as they managed to interact with their favorite artists before the crowning of the Big Mac Challenge Chant Champion. The grand prize winner took home RM10,000 in cash, a one year supply of Big Mac and exclusive nano block collectors’ kit! On top of that, there are four special prizes for each category, “best solo, best group, best costume and the funniest”. Each winning RM1,000 in cash, one month supply of Big Mac and one exclusive nanoblock collector& Kit.

McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Full list of winner are as per below.

Grand Prize: Charis Ow Phui YanMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Best Group: Colour of VoicesMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Best costume: Dennis Chan, Paul LeongMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Best solo: Nurul Ain Binti Mohmad HazariMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

The Funniest: Tan Jun YanMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Best Smule Duet: Andrea Rachel StevensonMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

Judges’ Favourite: Nurul Maimanah Binti Abdul QahharMcDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

And the judges for the McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

McDonald’s Big Mac Chant Challenge!

To view the winning entries, please visit

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